An Eye on Irene– A Worthy Mention From Inside the Hurricane of the Season

29 Aug

It was Friday, August 26th, the calm before the storm. The blue skies and gorgeous heat were distracting, how was there a hurricane coming? With enough warning shouted through all media forms, people made last minute phone calls to their insurance companies making sure they were covered from what was about to blow their way. The storm was moving quick, and instead of Sunday afternoon, it was making its way to the northeast Saturday evening. During the outside wedding on Saturday, of which my trip was focused on, people held their breath throughout the ceremony in the hopes that the bride and groom would be able to share their first kiss under a dry sky–they did. The storm held out for the young couple who were cracking jokes about the omnipresent gloom that was about to crash over us. Sunday morning we lost power and running water at 5am. The eye of the storm spared lower Westchester and we woke up without branches in our hair. Later that day, the wind still blew ferociously, but the damage was done. While driving to a friends house to run showers and eat a hot meal, trees blocked our route, open power lines swayed in the wind and streams and rivers could have passed for lakes. I have never seen anything like it and we were in a Category 1 zone.

Seeing the photos in the New York Times this incredibly gorgeous Monday, I couldn’t imagine experiencing what people in North Carolina, Virginia, Keen and on the eastern seaboard must have gone through. Even though mudslides and flooding have closed the I-87 making it VERY difficult to get back to Montreal; here in NY, at on of the only local cafes with wifi and power opened, citizens and I share outlets so we could all charge our devices–we are all fortunate that this is our biggest problem coming out of Hurricane Irene.



Some photos of the damage along the northeast:

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